This Woman Had A Normal Pregnancy And Delivery, But What Her Newborn Is Holding Shows That None Of It Should Have Happened

Oct 05, 2017 by apost team

Lucy Hellein wasn’t supposed to become a mother, but life is completely unpredictable. Hellein received an implant of an intrauterine device, or IUD, which has a 99% effectiveness against pregnancies. If implanted correctly, fewer than one in 100 women get pregnant within a year. You have a better chance at winning the lotto than getting pregnant with an IUD implant, but of course Hellein ended up being the one out of 100 who did!

Not even four months had gone by since she received the implant when she found out that she was pregnant. Doctors were convinced that her Mirena IUD had fallen out because it wasn’t visible on the ultrasound.

Hellein, who is already a mom to two children, scheduled a C-section and gave birth to a baby boy, Dexter Tyler. Even though Hellein and her husband weren’t planning on adding to their family, she said she feels very blessed and that Dexter was “meant to be.”

But what happened to the IUD? Did it really fall out? Turns out the Mirena was found behind the placenta and she had her fallopian tube removed after the birth to permanently prevent any future pregnancies. Hellein took a picture of her newborn son holding the contraceptive coil and captioned it “Mirena fail!” on Facebook, which has now received over 72,000 shares.

Her doctor believes that she may have gotten pregnant three weeks after it was placed, which means she and her husband did not waste any time taking advantage of the new IUD! This was Hellein’s third time using the Mirena IUD and she said she had never had problems with it before.

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