This Video Of A Man Dancing With His Dog To 'Careless Whisper' Could Be Exactly What You Need To See Today

Mar 07, 2019

Sometimes, you see something so joyfully goofy, it becomes absolutely beautiful. It can make you feel better about the world around you to just know that there are videos like this out there. A man dancing arm-in-arm to "Careless Whisper" with his dog might not be what you thought would chase the blues away, but just wait until you watch the video.

There were all kinds of couples dancing to George Michael's classic pop song at an outdoor event, but only one featured somebody covered in fur who typically walks on all fours.

The man and his beloved best friend, a Golden Retriever, were moving back and forth in time with the music. Spectators were enchanted, and their dance has made the rounds on the internet since being posted on Twitter.

What sparked the man to dance to the song with his dog? We might never know exactly, but we can tell that they have a very special bond with each other. The dog clearly trusts and loves his owner.

This is the sort of relationship that's forged through understanding. The dog knows that the owner has their best interest in mind and wants to give his joy to them. As their paws hang onto their owner's shoulders, they feel like they're in the right place with the right person. Anyone who sees this video should agree.

The bond between a dog and their owner can bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face. Even if the idea of a man dancing to "Careless Whisper" with his dog is a bit funny in both theory and practice, the absolute sincerity of this performance is undeniable.

The man and his dog didn't keep their affection private either. They showed the world just how much they mean to each other. This can serve as an important reminder of not withholding affection from those we care about.

There's so much love to be shared and shown. It would be a shame to hold it in.

What do you think of this beautiful video? Does it remind you at all of your relationship with your dog? Show to this to anyone who loves stories about the bonds between people and their pets and let us know what you thinks in the comments!