This Trick To Make Flawless Curls With A Water Bottle Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Mar 05, 2019 by apost team

Have you ever wanted full and soft curls in your hair but haven’t had the time, know-how, or hair products and equipment to achieve the look? If so, get ready for a beauty hack that’s going to blow your mind and your hair.

Curls are a timeless hairstyle that doesn’t clash with any fashion sense and doesn’t discriminate against any particular face shape. Yet, curly hairstyles often take too much time, effort, products, and equipment, right? Maybe not.

You don’t need a curling iron or flat iron for this hack. You don’t have to roll your hair and sleep on it. You don’t even need special products or costly equipment.

With just a water bottle and hairdryer, this hack is designed to give you perfect curls in under five minutes.

Social media is buzzing with this new wonderful way to get the perfect curls. It’s being labeled as the #blowthebottle challenge.

Instagram alone has hundreds of videos with people using every kind of bottle imaginable for the challenge.

This video has almost 200,000 views. The popularity of the challenge has even spurred professional hairstylists and salons to give the method a test.

How Do You Do The #blowthebottle Challenge?


  • Sturdy plastic bottle (like a water bottle or empty shampoo container) 
  • Knife
  • Hairdryer 


  1. Begin by using a knife to make a hole in the side of a plastic bottle that’s just large enough for the nozzle of your hairdryer to fit through. You’ll want the fit to be snug so hair doesn’t get tangled at the entrance.

  2. Next, you’ll cut off the top off the bottle. Make sure you pick a sturdy bottle that doesn’t collapse easily and can withstand the temperature of the dryer. You really don’t want melted plastic in your hair.

  3. Divide your dry hair into large sections. Take one section and place it inside the water bottle to where it hangs loosely inside the bottle.

Finally, Insert the hairdryer into the hole you’ve cut and turn it on low to medium heat. You’ll notice the hair start to spin inside the bottle. Wait about 60 seconds before turning the dryer off and slipping the bottle out from under the hair. Bam - instant cascading curls.

Use your fingers to lightly separate the curls. Repeat on as many sections of your hair as you wish to get your desired curly look.

Note that the "blow the bottle” challenge works best if you have a wedge attachment on your hairdryer to keep your hair from getting sucked into the hairdryer. If your hair is sensitive to heat, stick with a low setting and lightly mist your hair with some water or thermal protectant beforehand.

Are you excited to try out this innovative, low-cost way to achieve curls? Have you already tried #blowthebottle? We’d love to hear your own results and tips in the comment section.