This Supermom Shows How She Deals With Her Three Babies and 2-Year-Old Toddler

This hilarious video is a must-see for anyone who thinks that being a parent as an easy job. Even though these babies are extremely cute, the video still shows how hard little kids can be to handle! It is obvious that the mom in the video, Corrie Whyte, really loves being a mom. Even though her kids are crawling all over the place, Corrie still has a huge smile on her face. No matter how hard she tries, her babies refuse to stay still and squirm out of their mom's arms. Overall, it takes Mom around 10 minutes to get all of her children dressed. Emily, her two-year-old, may be the most hyper, but her triplets Jackson, Olivia and Levi, that are only 8 months old, roll around and give their mom quite a hard time. After this struggle, Mom is definitely ready to put the little ones to bed! This tired mom has already had a lot of practice caring for children though her toddler, but her triplets really are a new challenge! But Corrie was clearly up for the challenge and manages to get all her kids dressed, even though they are active little babies! Watch this cute video and see a mother doing what she knows best! Parents really deserve respect and gratitude for all their hard work!

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