This Stranger’s Voice Leaves Everyone In Awe When She Partners Up With Local Street Performer

May 30, 2018 by apost team

Human nature often causes us to judge someone before we really get to know them. We may just take a quick glance at someone and immediately believe they fit a certain stereotype.

Jade Helliwell is a beautiful young woman who has gotten used to being judged. In her case, however, it is because of her amazing talent and voice! 

Jade was having fun with her friends in Leeds when she noticed someone playing his guitar. That someone, Dawid Osial, was playing outside of a Starbucks branch located off Albion Street when Jade approached him. She asked him politely if she could sing with him. He said yes and let her step up to the microphone.

Many people thought Jade was just a typical party girl in her tight dress and high heels, looking for a chance to be in the spotlight. But Dawid gave her a chance! No one knows how a random duet is going to sound, so why not try her out? 

While many people still judged the young lady, she was about to blow them away with her amazing vocals! 

In only took a few seconds for Dawid to become entranced with her beautiful voice. The look of shock on his face was obvious! The two sang a gorgeous rendition of “Hallelujah” as many men and women stopped to listen. 

While the two looked like an unlikely pair at first, it became apparent that their talents blended together perfectly. You can just tell she is going to become a star one day soon! 

Dawid’s voice is comprised of lower, sultry tones, while Jade bursts with angelic vibrato. Click the video below to see why the internet is still talking about the two! 

You won’t believe how beautiful the duet you are about to hear is! 


What did you think about this beautiful duet? Would you like to see them work together in the future? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section!