This Simple, 2-Ingredient DIY Hair Mask Will Give You Shiny, Beautiful Hair

Hair that is full of volume and life is desired by most people. There's now a mask that you can use at home that can turn your hair from lifeless strands to locks that are admired. Zhuravets

When you begin creating masks for your hair, you don't have to worry about using natural products because they usually won't cause any damage the way that chemicals can. One item that you can use on your hair that can make it shine is lemon.

This mask is one that can make curly hair straight so that it's easier to style and to give your hair shine. The mask can also make your hair look and feel healthy and strong, something that is hard to achieve if you continue using a lot of products at once. If you want beautiful hair with no frizz, then this is a mask that you want to try at least once to see the results.

The mask that you're going to make uses fresh lemon juice and coconut oil. Coconut oil delivers a smooth appearance while the lemon juice will give the hair shine. You want to start with damp hair that hasn't been washed yet.

Combine your lemon juice and oil in a bowl before applying it to your hair. Work the mixture into your hair starting at the roots so that each strand is covered. Rinse with warm water after about 15 minutes.

Try this mask at home and let us know your results in the comments! Show this to your friends and family to let them in on this little hair secret, too!

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