This Safer, Environmentally-Friendly Hair Dye Is Created From Blackcurrants

A team of scientists from the University of Leeds has created a new, environmentally friendly hair dye. They used natural color derived from blackcurrant waste. This safe and sustainable hair dye helps create excellent hair color without releasing extra toxins into the environment.

Hair dye is a ten billion dollar industry. More people are dying their hair more often. With that said, several of the ingredients in store-bought hair dye come from petrochemicals which can trigger severe allergic reactions and potentially cause cancer in some humans.

People that dye their hair dark colors such as brown, black, dark blue, purple, etc. are more susceptible to suffer from the harmful side effects of hair dye products containing toxins. Some "natural" hair dye products contain henna and its counterpart lawsone, two dangerous chemicals.

Also, most hair dye that comes in bottles flows down the drain, and its effects on the environment remain a mystery. Becuase of the increase in concerns for toxic chemicals in hair dye, chemists are working on biodegradable alternatives to reduce possible health risks associated with the daily usage of hair dye products.

Chemists are spending their time on removing anthocyanins from blackcurrant fruit waste. Anthocyanins are non-toxic pigments that give flowers and berries their color.

These pigments mix well with proteins - hair is a protein. It's a match made in heaven.

Nearly nine out of every ten British blackcurrants are used in the generation of Ribena. The berries are gathered in July and August and then squeezed for juice.

The process for extracting color from blackcurrant waste is relatively simple. Scientists and chemists use water and special filters to trap the anthocyanins used to create the color in hair dye.

Have you ever thought about what chemicals are put into the hair dye you put in your hair? If you know of anybody who uses hair dye on a regular basis, consider sending them this article. Let your friends and family members know that scientists and chemists are making a push for safer hair dye formulas.

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