This Poor Pup Can't Figure Out Why A Mannequin Refuses To Pet Him

Sep 20, 2018 by apost team

If you are an adorable, happy dog with soft, silky fur, everyone wants to pet you.

Sporty, a golden retriever from Chicago, is constantly dealing with humans who go out of their way to pet and stroke his pretty head.

So when one “human” wouldn’t even look his way, let alone pet him, he just couldn’t understand it. After all, no one had ever been able to resist his beauty before!

The human Sporty was cozying up to sit in a clothing store. Sporty had no idea that he was trying to make a new friend out of a mannequin!

The footage of this hysterical encounter has gone viral after his owner uploaded it to social media. Luckily for Sporty, plenty or real people are just waiting to give him a real hug and a pat!

Sporty is wearing a Barbour jacket as he gazes hopefully at the mannequin in question. He has his leash in his mouth and he is wagging his tail happily as he waits to be petted.

He sneaks a glance at his owner here and there, confused as to why this particular human isn’t responding the way he is used to. His whole world has been turned upside-down!

His owner, while laughing, still encourages Sporty to try and get pets from the mannequin. He even tells him to lean into him to see if that will work!

His owner explained in the comments how everyone just loves Sporty and always pets him when he walks up to them. He was confused as to why this particular human wouldn’t!

Everyone who has watched the video has fallen madly in love with the sweet pup. They hate to see him rejected. As one person said, you have to pet a dog like Sporty when you see them!

Sporty is getting lots of internet attention, as he has 42,000 Instagram followers who would just love to be able to pet him.

Sporty is an Instagram star and has been since 2017 when fans saw him taking a solitary stroll and commented on his sweet, calm nature.

We love Sporty and hope he gets all the pats! What did you think of this sweet dog? Leave a comment and pass this on to others!