This Orange Juice Cake Tastes Just Like The Orange Creamsicles Of Your Childhood

The sweet smell of oranges wafts through your kitchen while you're making dessert. What is this dessert you ask? It's cake, and the main ingredient is orange juice!

This is a dessert that combines the citrus flavors of orange juice with the sweet flavors of sugar and a few other ingredients to deliver a moist cake that can be served after dinner for your family or to take to a special event.

The cake does offer a few summer flavors, but if you change a few of the ingredients and the appearance of the cake, then it could be one for the fall season as well. If you've ever had a creamsicle, then you'll have an idea of what the cake tastes like!

Since this is a cake that is made with lighter ingredients, it won't make your family or guests feel like they are too full. They will be able to enjoy a few other sweet treats along with their cake or eat a small slice with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top of this summer favorite.

If you want to try a few different variations of the cake, then add a few chocolate shavings or some crushed pistachios. You can also make a light glaze that you can drizzle on top of your cake.

When you begin combining your ingredients, use orange juice that doesn't have pulp. Fresh orange juice is the best to use because it has stronger citrus flavors. If you're using juice from a container, then try to find a brand that isn't made from concentrate because it will tend to have more water than fresh juice. This can make your cake too moist.

After your batter is ready, you can pour it into a pan. A loaf pan often works best with this kind of cake and gives it a beautiful appearance! This kind of pan is also ideal for the fall season because you can decorate your cake with toppings that make it look like a delicious fall treat.

Bake your cake for about 40 minutes. Don't overbake it because the orange juice can sometimes become bitter if it gets too hot.

Watch this video to discover the details of how to make an orange juice cake and some of the toppings that you can add.

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