This One Goes Out To The Girls Who Are Clingy And Distant At The Same Time

I can be both clingy and distant. There are days when I like social media posts, give compliments, or send the first text. At these times the natural love I possess in my heart flows freely. There will also be days when I simply want to be alone. I do not respond to texts, I remain alone in my bedroom, and I even cancel plans with friends.

I am a giver that can also be selfish. There are days when all my thoughts are consumed with the needs and desires of those around me including strangers. And others when I can only think about my own needs. I am the most generous person you can know until I am the most selfish.

I am happy when I am alone but can also become lonely. Sometimes I genuinely enjoy time alone to read, watch television, or sing alone in front of my bedroom mirror. There are other days I stare at my phone hoping to receive a notification.

I long for human interaction at these times and have thoughts of failure when sleeping alone in my bed. I am an independent person prone to feelings of loneliness.

I am a hard worker that can also be lazy. There are days when I will let my phone die instead of moving from the couch to reach for the charger. At these times I do not exercise and I sleep until mid-morning. Then there are times I pull all-nighters aided by black coffee. I complete a month's worth of chores in a single weekend and accomplish more in an hour than many people will all week.

I am learning that personality traits are in a constant state of flux. Our significant others may believe us to be stubborn while employers will say we are flexible. We may have friends that call us pushovers and parents that applaud the backbone we show.

We can be viewed in completely different ways by different people. We are not meant to be viewed as angels or devils and our personalities are not to seen in black or white. All people are hazy shades of grey.

For this reason, you should never dwell on aspects of your personality that others deem to be negative. You should also never hold on to your mistakes. Do not beat yourself up for the times you were awkward at a social gathering when there were other times you acted so eloquently.

Do not think negatively of yourself due to a one-time failure when you have exceeded all expectations so many times in the past.

And always remember you are much more complex than a single set of personality traits.

Have you ever felt like you have dual personalities? Did the article help you better understand yourself? Pass this article along to your friends and family - you never know who might learn a little bit more about themselves.

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