This Olympic Skater’s Irish Dance Makes The Crowd Go Wild

Jun 04, 2018 by apost team

Being an Olympian and an American figure skater are impressive accomplishments. Jason Brown is both. This fact alone is enough to make your heart beat faster because Olympians really know how to put on a fantastic show! 

However, many of them put on the same boring routine because they want to use one that works. But not Jason. He wanted something that would make all of our jaws drop when he started dancing. He succeeded with this routine you are about to see!

This Olympic athlete definitely has the “Luck of the Irish” on his side when he performs! 

From the moment the music began to play, the audience was awestruck. Jason began his routine by twirling around the ice to “Reel Around The Sun”, a hit from the famous Riverdance Show. The crowd wasn’t sure what would happen next but boy, were they in for a shock! 

Jason’s on-ice yoga twists and turns were amazing to watch. However, it wasn’t until he began an elaborate tap-glide movement with his feet that the audience grasped the fact he was channeling Michael Flatley, the original “Lord of the Dance”. Who would have thought an Irish tap dance could be the basis for ice skating? 

Jason had an amazing choreographer that helped him put together moves that no one had ever thought possible! 

Jason has proved that you really can get crazy on the ice! His version is just as perfect as the original. You won’t believe how amazing his ice skating is! Throughout the performance, you can see and hear the crowd go crazy with all of the moves Jason shows off. They recognize true talent when they see it! 

Watch Jason bring new life to the classic Riverdance with his breathtaking moves. You’ll see why we love to watch ice skating when you click on the video below! 

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