This Nun Wins the Internet By Throwing A Perfect Pitch Game At The White Sox-Royals Game

Aug 27, 2018 by apost team

Sister Mary Jo Sobiek, a Marian Catholic School nun, was chosen to throw the ceremonial first pitch for the Chicago White Sox versus Kansas City Royals game at Chicago's Guaranteed Rate Field. The nun's performance surprised everyone watching when she threw a perfect pitch that was so sensational that the video has become the buzz of the internet. She has already become a viral hit. Everyone was pleased to see her awesome pitch. And you can watch the video to see the awesomeness for yourself.

Sister Mary Jo put on a show for the crowd, displaying her skills by bouncing the baseball off of her inner elbow just before she threw her incredible pitch.

The White Sox pitcher, Lucas Giolito, had nothing but awesome things to say about the nun's moves. It was clear to everyone watching that she knew what she was doing. Guilito speculated that she had planned out her routine.

He claimed that he was lucky to be there for her perfect pitch. And even though you may not have been there, you can be lucky enough to see it for yourself in the video.

Rick Renteria, The White Sox manager, said himself that Sister Mary Jo was pretty good. He also said that he'd seen the Sister practicing before the big moment. He was awed by her skill and realized that she could even play the game. He found out later that she used to play center and short in softball. He ended up asking Sister Mary Jo if she would play for his team, and she happily agreed.

You may or may not see Sister Mary Jo Sobiek showing off her skill and talent in a Chicago White Sox jersey, but you can for sure see her showing off her pitching skills in this video.

What do you think about this perfect pitching nun? Tell us if you think she's good enough to play for the Chicago White Sox team!