This New Search Engine For Kids Means No More Finding Twerking Videos Accidentally

Mar 04, 2016 by apost team

A newly launched search engine called "Kiddle" blocks all inappropriate content for even the most curious kids and keeps them safe on the Internet.


Checking your kid's browsing history can be enough to send your blood pressure through the roof. Every normal, curious child with access to a computer or tablet has searched on everything from curse words to sexually explicit terms and photos. Since we can't watch over their shoulders 24 x 7, Kiddle can do it for you and keep your child safe. 

Kiddle is not owned by Google but is powered by Google Safe Search. Even the Kiddle interface closely resembles the easily recognizable Google home page which makes kids more likely to use it.

A recent article in Tech Times explained how Kiddle search results are hand-picked by watchful editors to keep your child's search results super kid-friendly and safe. These trained editors curate the first 1-3 results to bring up safe sites that have been written for children specifically. The next results displayed are sites written in language simple enough for kids to easily understand. The remaining results are sites that are filtered by Google safe search even though they may be tailored to adults. Safe Search blocks anything that might be deemed as inappropriate.

Kiddle's "About" section defines Kiddle's promise to keep your kids safe while searching the Internet. It further explains that the search logs are cleared once daily and that Kiddle never collects any personal information. This "safe content" pledge has been thoroughly tested by searching a wide variety of keywords that curious kids just love to search on but that might result in inappropriate search results. Kiddle acted as the perfect Internet watch dog.

When words such as "boobs" or "poop" were put into the Kiddle system, an angry robot character pops up and tells your child that the bad words were detected and blocked. Once kids realize (or tire of) searching on these tasteless words in Kiddle, our hope is that they use it to look up real subjects that they want to know more about and Kiddle is a great resource for that. Kiddle hopes to promote safe Internet use while keeping your kids interested in topics that are both educational and fun.

Lots of kids use their computers or tablets to search on their favorite young celebrities. As we all know, young Hollywood hotshots are famous for doing some really stupid stuff and of course all of it is captured in full color HD and plastered all over the Internet for the world (including kids) to see. However, with Kiddle in your corner, your child can search on their favorite teen celebrity and the safe search will bring back family and kid-oriented content such as their biographies, recent charity events they may have participated in or what their next big movie role will be. Content like Justin Bieber taking a public piss in a bucket will be blocked by Kiddle's safe search.

Today we all live in a digital age. It's practically impossible to escape it. Our kids are exposed to computers at school starting at very young ages, much sooner than we were growing up. In today's school curriculums, Internet is required to conduct research, interact with their instructors about assignments and exam schedules, and other peers for group projects and study sessions. For these reasons, as parents we want to encourage computer and Internet use because let's face it, Internet technology is awesome. What's not so awesome is the risk we put our kids at by not putting safe guards in place to keep them from being exposed to inappropriate or even dangerous content on the web.

Want to know how to work the parental controls on your TV remote? Ask your kid. Seriously, even the most diligent efforts to shield our kids from Internet risks can be circumvented, hacked and hijacked because today's technology is helping us raise extremely intelligent and tech-savvy children.

As you will see with Kiddle, this search engine powered by Google Safe Search is one of the most advanced parental control programs on the market and our teams of experts continue to improve this technology every day. As a parent, don't you want the safest and most advanced search tools for your kids?