This Natural DIY Poison Will Clear Your Ant Infestation

The last thing you want in your home is an invasion of ants. Once these pesky little bugs set up camp, anything you set on the counter will be covered in a black blob of wriggling bugs within minutes. Barf! But you don't need to use harsh chemicals or expensive exterminators to drive out these ant invaders.

This DIY solution was originally from, but it is so effective that it's gone viral with homeowners everywhere sharing it on social media. 


First, you'll need a few ingredients:

3 cups of warm water 
3 tablespoons of boric acid 
1 cup sugar, cotton balls 
Something to place the mixture in like a small bottle cap or the lid of a prescription medicine bottle. 

To make the ant exterminating concoction, first combine the sugar and boric acid and mix. Slowly add in the water while stirring the mixture. Stirring prevents clumps from forming. Then, place a cotton ball in the mixture and let it soak. Give it a minute and then place the cotton ball onto the bottle cap and place it where you've seen ants. 

This natural DIY ant poison works by drawing in the little bugs with the sweet smell of sugar and the ants will carry the sweet food back for the rest of the colony to fest on. The boric acid then kills all of those ants by damaging both their outer skeletons and digestive system.

So it kills not only the gatherer ants who found it but also the members of the colony who ate it. This poison is insanely effective with even larger ant colonies. 

However, if this remedy still fails to kill the pests, call an exterminator as the colony may be bigger than you thought.

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