This Mother Teaches All Of Her Seven Young Children (As Young As FIVE!) How To Shoot High-Powered Guns

A woman who was a victim of rape three times as a young teenager has taken an untraditional approach to parenting: teaching her seven young children how to shoot high-powered guns in order to prevent them from growing up with the mentality of victims. The 35-year-old mother, Anna Taylor, and all of her children have a gun range on their property in Kansas where they practice using ammunition.

All of Anna’s children, including the youngest, a 5-year-old named Savanna, have been learning how to use guns. Savanna practices with guns that aren’t loaded. Another daughter, Addi, is a seven-year-old who has an appreciation for rifles. Her son, Dylan, an eight-year-old, prefers pistols. Her oldest daughter, Samie, is 16 and also participates.

Anna maintains her unusual upbringing by stating that she wants her children to be aware of their surroundings and situations that could become dangerous. She wants them to be completely high trained in marksmanship.

She explains that she is the leader of her family, and as the leader, she must protect them at all costs.

She’s become notorious for her corsets that come equipped for her to conceal and carry her weapons. Anna wasn’t scared of having her children around ammunition because she claims to have trained them appropriately and taught them how to react in dangerous circumstances.

Anna believes that since her children have been around her guns since they were born, that they never grew up with the fear of guns. She recommends all parents to teach their children how to properly use ammunition, as it teaches them safety, responsibility, and respect. She also teaches her children how dangerous guns can be if used improperly.

Anna’s unfortunate teenage years, when she was raped on three different occasions, caused her to be more aware of predators and criminals trying to hurt others. She also grew up in a rough neighborhood where houses were often being robbed and people were being murdered.

People like Anna are trying to teach their children how to avoid these circumstances for themselves by learning protection with weapons.

Anna’s first gun purchase began when she was pregnant with her fourth child. Today, Anna is an NRA certified instructor and also a training counselor for the USCCA. Her gun collection includes impressive finds such as a Desert Eagle completely redone in 24-karat gold, a Glock 19, and a North-American Arms mini revolver. She has guns in all different shades of colors as well.

Anna began her own company, Dene Adams, when she created a conceal and carry corset for women to wear, something she first designed for her own usage.

Anna doesn’t blame mass shootings on the guns themselves. She maintains the claim that no matter what kind of weapon someone has if they want to hurt people they will. Teaching her children about gun safety and responsibility as an owner of ammunition is her way of protecting her children.

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