This Mother Knew Her Son Didn't Have Hay Fever, No Matter What the Doctor Said

Aug 07, 2017 by apost team

No matter how well a mother knows her son, she might not always be able to tell when something is seriously wrong. Parents everywhere just have to hope that everything will be okay, even when they do worry about their children getting sick or injured.

Rosie Bell did not notice immediately when something was wrong with her three-year-old son Daniel. She saw the symptoms but attributed them to something else at first. When Daniel started bumping into things and falling down, she assumed he had just inherited the strong family trait of clumsiness. 

When Daniel started getting lethargic and moody a lot more often, she convinced herself it was just a virus that was going around. 

But Rosie knew she needed to take Daniel to the doctor when he started getting sick more frequently and more severely. 

The doctor diagnosed Daniel with hay fever and gave him antihistamines for his treatment. 
The boy took them as instructed, but they did not help. His "hay fever" kept getting worse. 

Then Rosie recognized a pattern in Daniel's symptoms. They reminded her a lot of a Facebook post she had seen. The post talked about symptoms of a tumor and the warning signs to look out for. Daniel had all the warning signs talked about in the post. 

Rosie had her son examined again, carefully, and tested for a tumor. Tests confirmed her suspicions. In Daniel's three-year-old head was a tumor about the size of an adult fist. 

Luckily, thanks to Rosie following her gut instinct, they caught the tumor in time. It was not cancerous and the doctors were able to remove it without any complications. Ten days after it was removed, Daniel was discharged from the hospital with the expectations of a full recovery. 

Daniel has now resumed a normal, healthy life with no significant after effects. He is incredibly lucky that his mother followed her gut instincts and second-guessed the first doctor's diagnosis. Otherwise, who knew how long it would have taken for the tumor to be detected? Perhaps it would not have ended so well if Rosie had not acted and saved her son. Luckily, a mother always knows her son best.

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