This Mistake Killed A Family of Four, And There's A Good Chance You've Made It Before

Chances are, if you're like most people, you love eating and serving potatoes. While they're both versatile and delicious, a word of caution is in order when it comes to storing them in your home. If left to rot, potatoes can become a deadly weapon!

Read the harrowing account of tragedy that befell this family who accidentally let the potatoes in their basement become toxic.

The tragic day back in 2014 began like any other for then-8-year-old Maria Chelysheva and her family. Then, when her parents were preparing dinner that evening, her entire life was turned upside down.

Her father innocently went down to the cellar to retrieve some potatoes to add to their meal. Strangely, he didn't return. Her mother went down to check on him, with the same result. Maria's brother thought it was strange that his parents weren't coming back from the cellar, so he was the next to go down the stairs to see what was going on. He didn't come back either. At this point, Maria's grandmother, fearing some sort of danger, called the neighbors for some assistance. However, before they arrived, she, too, decided to go see what had happened to the family members who had gone to the cellar and failed to return.

Poor Maria had no idea what was happening to her family members who were disappearing into the dark cellar one by one!

There was no serial killer lurking down there in the shadows. Instead, the culprit was the noxious fumes being emitted from rotting potatoes. A little-known fact about these common root vegetables is that if they spoil, they can put off a chemical called glycoalkaloid that is poisonous when ingested or even inhaled. That chemical was the reason behind Maria's family's mysterious and tragic demise.

Maria braved the stairway down into the cellar in search of the rest of her family members who hadn't come back. But unlike them, she did not meet their dreadful fate. Why not? Because, thankfully, her grandmother had left the door ajar. As a result, enough of the poisonous fumes from the rotting potatoes had escaped from the cellar that the amount left in the air had depleted to a non-toxic level.

Though she survived, Maria was left an orphan who is now in the care of other relatives.

Since many people don't realize the danger associated with rotten potato fumes, passing this story along to your friends and family could actually end up saving innocent lives! Were you previously aware that rotten potatoes could be a silent killer?

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