This Math Quiz Is Made For Middle Schoolers – But Can You Crack It?

Jun 11, 2019 by apost team

Even though it felt like work back then, these days it's pretty fun to try a middle school math question just to exercise your brain.

It's not just an exercise in recalling how to do the process of solving the problem, but also using your logical skills to figure it out. At first it might be really difficult to exercise that part of your brain, but just like going to the gym, this mental workout will make you feel much better afterward.

Here it is:

So which solution do you think is correct? A, B, or C?

Are you able to solve it? Here's a little hint.





The order of getting the solution is important. Scroll down only if you want the solution.

Don't forget the pneumonic device of PEMDAS.

First, you need to solve the problem in the parenthesis: (2 +1) which equals 3.

Then you have to move on to multiplication, in this case: 7 x 3 which equals 21.

Now you move on to the addition part of the problem: 5 + 21 which equals 26.

The solution is Option B: 26.

Did you get it? Go you! It's time to celebrate!

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