Lawyer Drops Almost Half His Bodyweight In A Year

Nov 29, 2020 by apost team

Inspiration can be found anywhere and can hit us at the most unexpected of times. Sometimes seeing someone else achieve something they didn’t believe they could is the best kind of inspiration. Watching celebrities or idols achieve their goals can also kickstart a new journey.

For Vance Hinds, a lawyer from Waxahachie, Texas, his weight loss journey began after watching “The Joe Rogan Experience.” He was inspired after seeing one of his favorite comedians, Bert Kreischer, take on a sober October challenge which was to run a half marathon at short notice. After Bert accomplished what he had pledged to do, Vance knew he could follow his own goal too.

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In November 2017, Vance posted his commitment to losing weight on his social media, and soon after it was liked by both Bert Kreischer and Tom Segur. Their encouragement was all that he needed to motivate him, and he was set to start his weight loss journey at the age of 52.

In an interview with Men’sHealth, Vance said “Of the four [regular hosts], Bert is the most relatable to me. He’s a partying frat boy from Florida. He’s a huge drinker. Huge partier. He lives life to the fullest… If [Bert] can run a half marathon, I can get my fat a— off this chair make the video and tag it.”

The social media post also opened up many new opportunities for him. In January 2018 he was contacted by Diamond Dallas Page to see if he needed any help on his journey. At that point, Vance had never even heard of Diamond Dallas Page, but when his friends explained who he was, Vance took up the offer of help and it changed his life. He is now an avid fan of the form of exercise. Diamond Dallas Page Yoga (DDPY) was set up by ex-professional wrestler Page Joseph Falkinburg. It’s a form of yoga that can really help with weight loss. According to their official website:

“Diamond Dallas Page originally developed DDPY for athletes like himself who had suffered from years of injuries due to high-impact sports. DDPY is something that anybody at any age or skill level can do. Unlike traditional yoga, DDP Yoga isn't just stretching, it's stretching and strengthening your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.”

There may be many people wondering how Vance stuck to his routine. Many people begin an important weight loss journey but lose their dedication along the way. Vance documented his journey on his social media and in a blog to make sure that he was held accountable for it. That’s an important first step. He mentioned that he had tried to lose weight in the past but this time he was going to do things differently. He decided to use a list which he posted on his blog, to help keep him motivated:

  1. Post all of my progress publicly. This will cause me to be accountable and to have support surrounding me.
  2. Commit to yes. I must be willing to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I must accept the offers of help as they come my way.
  3. Stick with it. I know there are going to be ups and downs. I know there are going to be days I want to quit. This is a lifetime change, nothing less.
  4. Set attainable goals as I go along. A client once told me that you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Each goal obtained is less of the elephant.

At the start of Vance’s journey, he weighed 475 pounds. At the time of the Men’sHealth interview in January 2019, Vance weighed 278 pounds. This meant he lost approximately 200 pounds in 14 months—what an incredible achievement! Vance couldn’t have gone on this journey alone though. In the video documenting his story, he had an amazing group of supportive family and friends behind him—and next to him. At one point we see Vance go on a special hike with a huge group of supporters that were cheering him on along the way.

He also credits his attitude of saying 'yes' to people. "Every time someone offered to walk with me. Or said, you need to go try this class. Yes," he told Men’sHealth. When asked about the pressure he feels to keep the weight off now that he has gained celebrity status he said: “Everyone’s telling me I’m an inspiration. If I gain weight, I’m letting down all those people.”

Vance’s results are amazing, and proof that if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything! He must be so proud of himself, and his family and friends must be so proud of him too.

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