This Man Bathed in a Toilet To Hide His Secret. Then His Family Discovered What Was Really Going On.

Aug 10, 2017 by apost team

One heart-wrenching post has gone viral lately. Here's photographer JB Krash's Facebook story about a poverty-stricken man who never attended school. He wanted his family to have everything he never had, and resorted to anything to obtain it. Read the man's story below:

"I did not want my children to feel ashamed of their father, so I never revealed what my actual job was. When my daughters asked, I hid the truth. I said I was a worker.

I would get dirty doing my job, but I did not want my daughters to know. So I would go to the public toilets and take a bath each afternoon. I wanted to pay for my children's education.

I saved every coin I earned and used it to buy school supplies for them. Even when my shirt was torn and dirty, I did not buy a new one. I did not want anyone else to humiliate my daughters the way others embarrassed me. I wanted my daughters to grow up proud and strong. I used the money to buy them books.

I worked as a street cleaner.

One day, my daughter's college admission fee was due, but I had no money. I felt so bad. I had failed her. I could not manage to collect enough funds. Everyone else I worked with glanced at me, but they were silent. 

I thought about going home and telling my daughter that I could not pay her admission fee. I was born poor. I would always be poor. I could not escape it.

At the end of the day, the other workers approached me. They tried to give me the wages they had worked for that day. I said I could not take it. It was too much. But they insisted. They said, "We are brothers. Your daughter is our daughter, too."

I did not bathe after that. I was dirty, like a street worker.

Soon my daughter will graduate from college. Sometimes she visits me at work and brings food for the others. They ask her, "Why do you feed us?" 

She said, "Once you gave up food for me. Now I give it back to you."

Although I was born poor, I don't feel poor. I have my family, and I am rich."

Often we don't thank our parents enough for all they do. How can you thank your parents for their sacrifices?

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