This Little Boy Is Making The Elderly Cry With His Stirring Words, Every Time He Visits Nursing Home

When someone is moved into a nursing home, a lot of the time they are forgotten. This really rings true if they outlive the rest of their family. When they have visitors, most everyone gets excited.

It's not uncommon for groups to visit nursing homes for this reason. Some groups that drop in are preschool groups, youth groups from local churches, and they even have therapy pets. They usually just hang out, talk, and play games sometimes.

There is a nursing home in Lenexa, Kansas that has one very special visitor who everyone loves, that hands out tickets!

Yes, you heard that right. This little boy who is an honorary police officer, Oliver Davis, hands out tickets every time he visits. At only six years old, he dreams of becoming a real police officer when he becomes an adult. He loves police officers and talks about them very highly.

He states that they are nice people and help people and that's exactly what he wants to do as well.

Oliver decided he wanted to show kindness just like the real police officers do and thought that a nursing home would be a great place to do just that. Brandi Davis, Oliver's mom, told Fox 4 that Oliver sees this as his way to give back.

She says that he thinks that he is an actual police officer. And, since he can't work at a real police station, this is a way he can do his "job".

On the way to the nursing home, Brandi lets Oliver pick out flowers to take with them. He also writes tickets up to all the senior citizens. His tickets are the kind that you would want. They are for "being too cute" and things of that nature.

He even made a New Year's resolution regarding what he does. He said that he wants to go to even more nursing homes and hand out flowers and tickets.

An 84 year old resident at Westchester Village, Monty Duerksen said that he loves it when Oliver visits. Westchester Village was the fourth facility that they had visited in that month. Everyone there loved meeting and visiting with Oliver. They said that he brings joy and love to all the people there.

Brandi is so proud of her son for his thoughts and actions. She knows that he will be a great real police officer one day.

Take a look at this video to see how welcomed and loved this little boy is. It would be nice to see more kids acting like this, loving on the older, forgotten people. Send this joy on to someone else who needs a pick me up!