This Is Why She Doesn’t Think About You Anymore

She doesn’t have you on her mind anymore because you didn’t give her good memories when you were together.

She now realizes that it is very unhealthy to continue to think about the times you rejected her. She wants to forget all of the heartbreak and disappointment you gave her for so long. She doesn’t want to think about all the sleep she lost at night worrying that she would lose you.

She is eager to forget that she lost hours of precious time contemplating how to fix your broken relationship. She wants to forget the anxiety and uncertainty she experienced when you were together.

What good would it do to think about all of the times you were with one another? So many of them weren’t good times, and she knows it is best to just move on. She doesn’t wish to dwell on the times you put yourself first in the relationship. She doesn’t enjoy the random memories of how you lashed out at her in anger and frustration, even when she did nothing to deserve it. She hates thinking about all the chances she gave you to redeem yourself. Which, by the way, you foolishly blew. She knows she was stupid and naïve back then, and she hates to think about it. She hates that you harassed her so many times in the past.

She doesn’t want to remember the times she gave you that you simply used to hurt her. She hates to remember how it always felt like you were a thousand miles away even though you were sitting right beside her. She remembers how cold she felt being around you, even on a hot summer’s day, and it makes her shiver in disgust now. She does not want to consider all the time she spent trying to win your love, only for you to break her heart over and over again. She doesn’t want to think about being stuck in a relationship with someone who obviously wasn’t happy no matter what she did. She remembers all too well the feeling of being alone in the room even when you were right there.

She doesn’t need to think about you anymore, anyway. That is because she is now thinking of all the other people surrounding her, the people who love and value her. She is now consumed by the love that others are showing her, and she is quickly forgetting the way you treated her for so long. She doesn’t think about the excuses you gave her to stay away from her, as she sees now that when someone loves you, they make an effort to stay in your life. She doesn’t want to think about you because her life is now full of people who really care for her.

She doesn’t like to think about all of the toxicity your relationship was made of. She hates that she gave you so many chances that you weren’t worthy of. Most of all, she doesn’t want to think about you because you are no longer worthy of a place in her thoughts. She is over you. She has moved on and left you behind, where you should be.

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