This Is What A Woman's Birth Month Reveals About Her

Jan 03, 2018 by apost team

What a Birth Month Tells About a WomaBirth Months: The Secret to a Woman's SoulHow Your Birth Month Affects YouIs your birthday simply another day on the calendar? According to some people, when you are born plays a significant role in the shaping of your personality and the way that you tackle the world. Women in particular are known for being very driven by their birth month. To help you understand your birth month and how it affects your behavior, we’ve put together a list of characteristics many women experience based on when they were born. January Women who are born in January aren’t happy to just float from one day to the next, doing the same old thing; instead, they are passionate about setting goals and trying to attain their high ambitions. While women born in January are very focused and energetic, they also believe in holding onto some traditions. A woman born in January is the type who wants to observe the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree – even if it means trudging through a foot of snow to cut it down themselves! January women can be critical of others, while they often hold in their own feelings about themselves. A January woman tends to think that they are right and doesn’t have time or energy for someone who will oppose them. Generally, January women hang out with people of like minds and similar life views. FebruaryBorn in the month of love, February women tend to lean on the romantic side. While they don’t need a constant flow of gush, they tend to appreciate small but frequent romantic gestures. If you’re dating a February girl, try to make every day special with loving text messages, surprise flowers, and occasional gifts of chocolate. Aside from being loving, February women can also be moody – a personality trait that changes them from happy to mournful in the blink of an eye. Many February women struggle in relationships because their partner doesn’t understand their mood changes. February women are free spirits and a bit more of the “hippie” variety. But watch out if you betray her! A February woman will not go back for more once they’ve been deceived. MarchLike a little fairy, women who are born in March have a way of capturing the attention of men and drawing them toward themselves. March women are joyful and fun to be around. Sadly, it can be hard for a March girl to fall in love because they are afraid of their strong emotions – their tendency to remain faithful and devoted can seem like a curse since they stand by a man’s side even when he is wrong. During times of trouble, March women can be unkind and difficult because they are overwhelmed by sadness; however, they remain steadfast and are, once again, enchanting when they regain their composure. AprilWomen with April birthdays are known for their ability to get their point across in a manner that makes sense. As such, they are great debaters and have the natural skills to put forth their ideas in a way that changes minds. The downfall of April women is that they tend to get jealous and battle self-esteem issues – these problems can leave women born in April feeling insecure when they see someone they love paying attention to another. If you get an April-born girlfriend, expect a woman who can make you happy and truly let you understand how she is feeling and what she thinks about the world – just make sure that you don’t give her room for jealousy! MayKnown for their beauty, a woman born in May is often the type of girl who looks great no matter what she’s wearing. May women are more than just a pretty face – they are also determined, focused, and stick to their own beliefs. When they think something is wrong, they will continue to think it’s wrong, regardless of who they are with. Not only are May women headstrong and opinionated, but they can also be a bit difficult. When a man pursues a woman born in May, he might be in for quite a challenge! JuneJune babies grow up to be strong communicators who are deeply interested in talking through problems and expressing their emotions through words. Women born in June tend to be very blunt about what they think and feel – a trait that can be both a blessing and a curse! Too often, June women find themselves speaking their mind before they have a chance to think through their words. On top of being outspoken, June women are also strong-willed, interested in asking questions and learning new things, and full of imagination. When it comes to dating a June girl, a man should expect to be a little overpowered since June women tend to have a lot of control over their men. JulyIn complete contrast to June babies, those born in July tend to be very secretive. They don’t want to share all of their thoughts and feelings with just anyone. Despite their desire to keep things to themselves, July women are completely honest and expect the same level of honesty from others. Being honest makes July women feel as if they’re empowered to prevent problems in the future. Aside from being honest, July women are also known for being lovely and clever with a wit that can charm any man.AugustWomen born in August have some of the biggest hearts in the world – they would give the shirt off their back to help a friend in need. But August women don’t forget about themselves in their desire to help friends – they also spend a lot of energy focusing on their own goals and needs. August women shun arguments by avoiding negative people or those who go against their life goals. If someone does fight an August woman, they will find it a losing battle since August-born women can easily win arguments and are not scared to strike back. SeptemberWomen born in September are known for being beautiful – not only on the outside, but inside as well. They are honest with themselves about their feelings and thoughts. September girls want relationships that last and are not the type to simply settle for off-and-on dating. If you happen to scorn a September woman, look out! These girls are not easy on those who betray them and will go after revenge, generally with great success. Only approach a September woman if you are willing to put in the effort needed for a positive long-term relationship or face the consequences of making her mad. OctoberGirls born in October tend to hide their feelings almost like someone wearing a mask. Despite their lack of outward emotion, October women are actually full of strong character and are very intelligent. October women tend to hide what they truly feel because they are afraid of being hurt by someone close to them. Despite their fears and relationship problems, October girls are the envy of every other woman. NovemberWhen it comes to telling it like it is, November women aren’t afraid to give you the truth straight-out. It’s also hard to keep secrets from a November-born girl since she can spot faking and unfaithfulness from a mile away. November women are known for being very smart in both education and daily life. When a November women is hurt, she will hunt down the one who betrayed her! DecemberThese Christmas babies tend to deal with patience issues. Like a child anxious to unwrap a present, they don’t like to wait on the things they want most in life. When it comes to waiting situations, December women tend to seek out their own, faster solutions and approaches to problems. December girls do well with optimism from others and need the support of those they love. A December girl is happy to open her heart to others – a decision that can ultimately leave them upset when they are betrayed or not valued.