This Is The First-Ever Pair Of Sisters To Become Army Generals

While it is nearly impossible to prove that the pair is the first set of female sibling generals because so many women change their last names when they get married, according to CNN, an Army spokesperson said that it is a safe bet that the two carry this honor.

The two sisters grew up in the quiet community of Franklin, located just outside of Boston. Maj. Gen. Barrett works as the Commanding General of NETCOM.

Barret attended Tufts University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations. She was then commissioned in 1988 as a Second Lieutenant through the Army ROTC program.

Brig. Gen. Lodi was promoted to her current position last July. She is now serving as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at the Office of the Surgeon General.

Lodi graduated from the Naval War College as a Distinguished Honor Graduate. She also has a master's degrees in national security and strategic studies, public administration, and military arts and science.

While Barrett did not always envision herself serving in the Army, it was always a dream of Lodi's to be a soldier.

Lodi also has two daughters, making people wonder if there will be another set of female sibling generals in the Army. They are off to a good start since Lodi just dropped one daughter at basic training.

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