This Is How Nagging Affects Children's Success In Life

Apr 23, 2018 by apost team

Life doesn't bring with itself an instruction manual, but it does come with a mother. Mother is one of the most tiring roles ever for which the mom doesn't even get paid. But for her, it is also equally rewarding and fulfilling. From running errands to taking care of small yet important tasks, a mother's day never seems to end.

So when we are growing up, we tend to become dependent on our moms, and we might confuse her constant presence around us with nagging.

But the good news is that nagging moms are said to raise more successful daughters.

And the logic is quite simple. Mothers that are well-aware of their daughters develop a better bond of trust with them. They lead by example and set high standards for their daughters, which prevents a lot of common issues in society right now like teen pregnancy, depression, and other mental health illnesses.

Raising children is not easy, and it becomes even more difficult when you daughter is a teenager.

However, nagged girls are more likely to be motivated to pursue their education and achieve their goals.

They grow up with a constant reminder to work hard, be kind and not give up. And they learn most of this from the actions of their dedicated parent, especially the mother.

So, if you are a nagging mom, and little arguments with your daughter make you feel bad, hold on. She is eventually going to quote you and thank you for always having her back.

She may not appreciate it or reciprocate it, but there is a great chance, she will remember all the lessons you have taught her and will derive her strength from them.

If you felt a little relief reading this article, then go ahead and spread the word with your other friends and let them know, it's ok to be a nagging mom.