This Is How Much Sleep You Should Be Getting Every Night, Based On Your Age

Jun 06, 2018 by apost team

We all know how important it is to get the best night’s sleep possible, as many nights as possible. Sleep is a huge part of maintaining good health but unfortunately, we don’t always get enough. The National Sleep Foundationrecently released a report in their Sleep Health Journal that documented how much sleep you should be getting depending on your age. 

Infants (4-11 Months) 

Between 12-15 Hours Per Day. This is the time of an infant’s life when they are hitting many physical milestones and are becoming more active during waking hours. Because of this, they can easily become worn out, so getting the proper amount of sleep is crucial.

Toddlers (1-2 Years) 

Between 11-14 Hours Per Day. Toddlers generally start crawling and walking during this time frame, meaning they are exerting a ton of physical energy. To keep up with their physical and mental energy, toddlers of this age need to get enough sleep. 

Preschoolers (3-5) 

Between 10-13 Hours Per Day. Children between these ages are generally starting preschool and are spending more time in social activities. Getting between 10-13 hours of sleep every night is very important for the child so they will have the energy to be active the next day. 

School-Age Children (6-13) 

Between 9-11 Hours Per Day. At this point in life, children are expected to engage in many different activities. They are performing multiple mental tasks as well as physical ones. They need the right amount of sleep to be able to function during school and at home. 

Teenagers (14-17) 

Between 8-10 Per Day. The body of a teenager is still growing and developing. They are going through many changes and their bodies still need a good amount of sleep in order to deal with these many changes. 

Young Adults (18-25) 

Between 7-9 Hours Per Day. While many young adults in this age group tend to sacrifice sleep for partying all night, that is an unhealthy choice to make. Getting enough sleep is still a significant part of being healthy and happy. Not getting enough shut-eye can cause physical and mental issues over time. 

Adults (26-64)

Between 7-9 Hours Per Day. Getting enough rest at night allows you to accomplish the things you have to the next day. Since adults are typically working like crazy during this phase of their life, getting the recommended amount of sleep is a serious must. 

Older Adults (65 and Up) 

7-8 Hours Per Day. Older adults are typically less stressed than younger adults which means they do not need as much sleep as before. It has also been noted that older men and women take more time to actually fall asleep. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is a good rule of thumb for those aged 65 and up.

Do you agree with these numbers? How much sleep do you get per night? Show this to a friend who definitely needs to be getting more shut eye!