This Hospital Cafeteria Worker Has Been Earning Overtime For Over 9 Years In Order To Buy Gifts For Sick Children

Jan 03, 2019

A generous woman who works in a children's hospital cafeteria gave one of the patients and her mother the surprise of a lifetime this holiday season!

Jessie Tendayi works in the cafeteria at Advocate Children's Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She has started an annual holiday tradition of giving gifts to the children stuck in the hospital around the holidays and has even turned many rooms in her home into her very own "Toy Shop!" It's possible that Jessie may be one of Santa's elves!

This tradition began around Thanksgiving 2009 when Jessie picked up an extra overtime shift in the cafeteria thinking that she could use the extra cash to purchase a few gifts for some of the sick children in the hospital over the holidays. After seeing how much joy the gifts brought the children and families, Jessie decided to make this something she did every year!

Nine years later, Jessie is still at it! She works extra shifts year-round, using the money to purchase gifts to stock up for the holiday season. She has hundreds of boxes and bags filling the rooms of her home waiting until the Holiday Season to be transported to the hospital where they are sure to bring a smile to the children's faces!

In this amazing video, Jessie brings a young girl and her mother into her "Toy Shop." Hang on because this is a tear-jerker for sure when you see the mom's reaction to Jessie's kindness. 

In a world where there seems to be a lot of bad going on, it's so vital to remember that there is so much good, too. People like Jessie help make the holiday season even brighter for the children and families in the hospital and also for all of us. What did you think of Jessie's story? Let us know your thoughts and spread some happy holiday cheer!