This Hilarious Video Of A Horse Sneaking Out Through A Roped Fence Has The Internet Cracking Up

Sep 12, 2018 by apost team

Fences and other forms of boundaries have many uses, but one use, in particular, to keep animals from reaching the other side! The world holds many different types of boundaries that suit this exact purpose, but there will always be different types of animals who are able to outsmart the system and break out to escape! Well, one smart horse was captured on footage by a witness as they planned an escape of their own. This new viral video of a horse’s quick fence escape is cracking up the entire internet! We all know that horses are beautiful creatures, but horses are also known for their quick wit.

This horse is no exception!

Video of the scene, which was posted by the Maragata Polo team onto the social media website Facebook, features one especially smart horse. The horse seems enclosed by a fence, and just when you think he’s contained correctly, you’ll see how he escapes his enclosure. You won’t be able to not crack a smile or laugh!

Fences are the most common type of boundary used when trying to contain animals. Almost every house, farm, or park that you see will have strategic fences in an effort to keep certain living beings out, and keep others safely inside!

Perhaps this particular fence was not put up correctly or wasn’t the most well-executed fence, but either way, it was unable to contain the funny horse! No matter what the issue with the fence was, at least the failure of a boundary was able to entertain thousands of people who got to witness the footage! Since it’s original posting, the video has surpassed 3.8 million views and has countless comments filled with laughter from viewers.

Some even made the joke that perhaps the horse thought the grass was greener on the other side! We'll let you ponder for yourself what the horse's big plan was once he escaped his enclosure.

With all of the new types of boundaries and enclosures that are being created to keep animals in a distinct area, it’s only natural that they’d evolve and become smarter in an effort to escape and be free! Watch the hilarious video for yourself and you’ll be amazed at the horse’s grace and quick wit in his escape. Thankfully, the horse escapes through the fence with no injury. Actually, it escapes the fence with little to no effort as well!

What do you think about this intelligent horse’s escape route? Did you know they were capable of such sneaky endeavors?