This Hilarious Lip Sync Challenge Video From The Virginia Beach Police Department Is Topping Them All

Aug 06, 2018

Police departments all around the country have been having some fun this summer in an effort to foster good relationships with local communities. The challenge started with the Corinth Police Department. Their rendition of “Party in the USA," a version they lip-synced, quickly went viral. The video was perfectly choreographed and it only took them one time to get it right.

You can see that video below:

An officer who had previously worked for the Norfolk Police Department then challenged his old colleagues to make a video of their own.

In just a couple of weeks, the Norfolk Police Department had their own inspirational video ready. They then put the challenge out to other police departments around the United States.

The Virginia Beach Police Department was one of the first departments to actually take the challenge seriously. They quickly put together a truly epic video, which they quickly posted online.

This video was different than the others. Not only was there more than one song involved, the police officers involved a bunch of beachgoers. There are also multiple locations and shots. You will see in the video how the police officers sang a number of songs out of each generation and genre. Their dance together was also perfectly choreographed.

The added beachgoers were the best touch.

This video wasn’t just shot on someone’s iPhone. No, the police department took three days to put it together, and they also used a whole crew to help them as well as drones to get the spectacular footage. You’ll love the time and dedication it took to put this amazing video together.

We can’t wait to see what is next from other departments!

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