This "Hallelujah" Dance Is Bound To Bring You To Tears

Jan 02, 2019

Dance is a powerful medium in moving people both physically and emotionally.

The power of dance to move the heart and soul was put on display by a recent performance by a group of girls from New Zealand. The 12 girls are part of the Whangarei Academy of Dance and Performing Arts (WADPA). Their stirring performance of the song "Hallelujah" has gone viral, moving many viewers to tears.

After months of grueling practice, the girls took to the stage dancing to the "X-Factor" winner Alexandra Burke's rendition of the classic Leonard Cohen song.

The modern dance troupe moved in perfect synchronization as they seamlessly leaped and flittered across the stage with joy. The pride they had in their performance was obvious from the first notes of the song as they gracefully showed off their moves and passion for the music.

The WADPA is known for its focus on the entire physical and mental well-being of the dancer, rather than merely focusing on the competition aspect of the sport. By training their students to focus on their passion for dancing, the academy cultivates a life-long love for the arts and performing. The family environment at the academy encourages bonding and instills confidence in these students as they grow and mature in their dance abilities.

This beautiful performance must be seen to be believed. After you take in the emotion of it, be sure to spread the love by making sure that all of your friends and family get the chance to also watch it.