This Gorgeous Teen Model With Down’s Syndrome Has 50k Followers And Is Signed With Five Agencies

Although it can be a tough road to become a model, one young girl has shown that she has what it takes to get there.

What makes this situation even more unique is that Georgia Traebert has Down's Syndrome.

The 14-year-old girl from Brazil already has over 50,000 Instagram followers and is signed to five modeling agencies.

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Georgia's parents, Rubia and Herman, were shocked when their baby girl was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome shortly after her birth.

In addition, Georgia was also diagnosed with a heart defect, further complicating her medical issues.

Rubia said that Georgia underwent heart surgery when she was just five months old. Fortunately, the surgery was a success and she is now cured of heart disease.

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Herman quit his job to support Georgia in all of her endeavors. Georgia often struggled to fit in with her peers. Because she had to change schools frequently, Georgia had problems connecting with her kids her age.

In June of 2016, Georgia's mother posted a picture of her beautiful daughter on social media in an effort to boost her self-confidence. The picture garnered 1,000 likes, catapulting Georgia's modeling career.

Georgia was even signed to be in some commercials as a result of this picture.

We are all certainly rooting for her! After you have checked out these stunning photos, be sure to spread the sweetness to everyone else that you know.