This Footage Of A Mama Chimpanzee Playing 'Airplane' With Her Baby Is Melting Millions Of Hearts

Aug 28, 2018 by apost team

Watching baby animals play with their mothers is one of the most adorable things out there. You can see both the baby’s and mother’s love for one another. Animal parents love to play with their little ones just like humans do! Some animals even play the same games such as airplane!

If you don’t know what airplane is, its when one parent lays on the ground and keeps their feet up in the air. The child then lays across their feet and the parent moves their legs forwards and backwards. It usually leaves the parent’s legs tired and the child laughing. We remind you of the airplane game because of this adorable video of a baby chimpanzee playing airplane with it’s mother. Its adorable and so cute to see how similarly humans and chimpanzees act. You could catch a small human child doing the same thing with their mom or dad!

The baby chimp gets up on his parent’s feet and swings his arms and legs around. He is probably imagining he is a bird flying high above his mother. At the very end of the video, he reaches down and touches her face. She then embraces him in a big hug. It is so cute! Chimpanzees aren’t adults until they are thirteen years old. This doesn’t seem like long until you consider the fact they usually only live to be about fifty. This means about a forth of their lives are spent with their parents. That is a long time to spend with them. We are lucky to catch unique moments like this one.

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