This Effective Family Home Remedy For Ear Aches By A Mom Is All Over The Internet

Dec 13, 2018 by apost team

It's that time of year when colds and sniffles are in full swing. It's mostly easy for adults to ease their pain during a cold, but what about the little ones that suffer from an ear infection? You give the medicines that the doctors tell you to and then you wait. You wait for it to start working but it seems like it takes forever.

Here is a solution to their aching ear pain! This one family started it and you'll have to try it the next time your little one needs some relief. You won't have to worry about another night filled with crying and pain again.

This mom, Echo Featherstone, let us in on her family's secret for earaches. The solution that she uses has been passed down. Her grandmother used it to help with her son's ears since he was a baby. Recently, when she was using this remedy she decided it was time to let other's know about it. It could be life changing for some, especially those that have chronic ear infections.

She went to social media to share the news in hopes of helping others. She goes into detail and even stated how the pain from an ear infection could be a thing of the past.

She tells the world that what she is sharing is a family secret that has been passed down. She goes on to say that she has been prone to ear infections her whole life and even has had broken eardrums. Echo states that she uses this solution all the time and it helps.

Here are the instructions that she gives:

If you have a child that wakes up screaming from the pain of an ear infection, this is for you. It takes 30 minutes for over the counter pain medicines to work, but this will help while you are waiting.

  1. Run some water and get it as hot as your hands can stand it. Place a cloth in the water and then ring out the excess.
  2. Take the wet cloth and place it into a mug.
  3. Take the mug and place it into the microwave for 20 seconds or until the cloth is very hot and the mug is warm.
  4. Take the open end of the mug and place it against your child's head. Keep the open end around the ear. Be careful that the cloth inside the mug doesn't touch the ear as it's very hot.

This creates pressure. The pressure will relieve the pressure that is in the ear. Now your child will be back to sleep in no time without crying. Soon the pain medicine will start working and they'll get a restful night's sleep.

This may not work for every single person that tries it, but I would be willing to try almost anything when my little one is in pain! Give your mom a copy of this secret and keep a copy handy next time you should need it.  Have you tried this before? Did it work? Let us know in the comments!

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