Dancer From 1964 Might Be The Most Enthusiastic Dancer We’ve Ever Seen

Jul 01, 2020

A "Nitty Gritty" dance performance from The Judy Garland Show in 1964 showed one young dancer making a bigger impact than he probably expected when he appeared on the sow. Today, while there may not be new innovations in dance, this video from 1964 shows that culture can undergo a drastic change in an instant.

Doing The "Nitty Gritty"

Dressed in a sharp black suit, the young dancer dances to the "Nitty Gritty" with a skill level that would be hard to top today.

The dance sequence features three boy and girl dances on a stage. The video captures a special moment in time when the 1960s explosion in new music culture was beginning to take hold.

The Lost Art Of Dancing Revived

While dancing is not as culturally popular as it once was, this video shows that dancing was a big part of the 1960s. What makes this video remarkable is the unique dancing style that is matched with a rather conservative dress.

It was as though the children in this video were going through a cultural transformation on TV. While the clothes may have been subdued, the dancing was just the opposite.

Life in 1964

1964 marked the transitional year from the innocent 1960s culture of surf music and early rock in roll to a more rebellious rock sound, hippies, the free love moment, and counter culture. It was in this time that the schism between young and old seemed to widen.

This 1964 dance video shows that young people were ready to create their own dances moves, music, and statements that had little to no relation to anything that had come before it.

A Moment That Has Endured

Is this man not the most enthusiastic dancer you have ever seen? What did you think of this performance? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this along to your loved ones.