This Dancer Believed Her Career Was Over, But Simon Cowell Offered To Fund Her Surgery

The U.K.'s talent judge Simon Cowell is known to be brash, arrogant and cranky, but he's also quietly generous and compassionate. Young Julia Carlile soon found this out when she and her dance mates earned a spot on the "Britain's Got Talent" competition show.

Julia had been dancing since age five despite a condition called scoliosis. The spine curves and brings pain and/or discomfort to those with it. Julia dreamed of becoming a professional dancer, but her spine's severe curvature was implicating her lungs and bringing pain to her every move.

Her dance team was called the Mersey Girls, and Julia hoped that if they could take home the top prize, then her family could afford an expensive operation to correct and straighten her spine.

TV viewers learned that Julia needed a special surgery performed in the U.S. that enables the patient to assume an active lifestyle with optimum spinal flexibility. The current surgery offered through hospital insurance in the U.K. did not feature the pioneering operation.

The Mersey Girls were exciting to watch on stage, and they immediately impressed the judges. The team got the "golden buzzer" from judge Alesha Dixon.

You can watch her first dance audition in the video below:

In the end, the girls finished in fourth place, but their story wasn't over.

Simon Cowell went backstage with a key announcement promising to fly young Julia to the U.S. and have the life-changing surgery on her spine. Best of all, he would pay the whopping $240,000 bill; Julia was blown away and ready for the operation.

Today, the adorable girl continues to recover, and doctors believe she will gain good flexibility with her newly aligned spine and keep dancing pain-free. The surgeons wondered how Julia could dance with the severe curvature but were so happy to change her circumstances.

Julia thanked Simon Cowell for creating a new future for her; he told her he was so proud of her. There is no stopping young Julia Carlile now. She used to wear baggy tops to hide her curving spine. These days, she is loving her new silhouette and ready to take on the world.

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