This Couple Is The First Duo Ever To Get Perfect Score On “World Of Dance” And Blow Everyone´s Mind

Despite the fact that Charity Anderson and Andrés Antonio left the judges speechless with their first dance performance that Derek Hough described as "that didn’t just play to your strengths … it surpassed them. It transcended dance,” the duo was eliminated from the competition on September 12, 2018, during the second season of World of Dance.

Watch their breathtaking earlier performance that left Jennifer Lopez gasping for words as the duo jumped, dashed and somersaulted their way across the dance floor. The two 18-year-olds who started dancing competitively together when they were both just 8-years-old will take a short break before they start touring with World of Dance Live on October 1, 2018. Despite the early start, they both went their own separate ways for a number of years before re-joining forces to perform on the show.

In order to receive the perfect score from the judges, the teens earned 20 points for their breathtaking performance involving a number of stunts while not seeming to rush any of them. The teens also were awarded 20 points for their transitions along with their execution. The teens also were awarded the maximum number of points for their choreography that they created themselves despite numerous teams using paid choreographers. The duo was also awarded the maximum 20 points for their creativity where they merged different styles of dance. Finally, the duo was awarded the top score for the presentation of their memorable performance that simply must be seen to be believed.

It really is an amazing feat when you consider that Charity and Andres are from Springville, Utah. After all, this small sleepy suburb is hardly known as the dance capital of the world. Make sure to show these teen's amazing talent to your closest confidants.

We strongly believe that anyone who puts that much time and talent into perfecting a dance act will go far in life. Then, let us know about a young person who has inspired you to believe that the future of the world will be safe because it is in their hands.