This Celtic Thunder "Hallelujah" Performance Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine This Christmas

For years, the popular song “Hallelujah” has wowed listeners. Just when it looked like the song might be fading into the background, the popular band “Celtic Thunder” has reintroduced it and the result is mindboggling.

While it might seem like “Hallelujah” has been sung by so many different bands that it would start to lose its punch, the male-only band breathes new life into it. Using their fresh, clear voices, the group works to achieve perfect harmony as they sing through Leonard Cohen’s classic song.

The music is so clear and stunning that it causes one to sit back and close their eyes, truly soaking in the beauty of the music. Obviously, those in the live audience were just as overwhelmed by the song as we are, with some of them battling tears as they listened to “Hallelujah” sung like never before.

Celtic Thunder hasn’t been on the scene for too long; however, even before the band members were traveling the globe to perform, they were still passionate about their talent and their culture.

Band vocalist Damian McGinty explained that he feels like he is living a dream come true.

McGinty says that traveling with a band is challenging since it requires constant change and yet, at the same time, the same level of perfection when it comes to singing.

McGinty gave a big shout-out to the band’s director, David Munro, who helps to orchestrate each and every performance. McGinty says that Munro devotes a lot of time putting together the right material for the band members' individual voices.

Sometimes, McGinty explained, the men have to accept that there is no magical formula to a perfect performance. At times like these, they have to strip away all the showiness of their performances and go back to the ground-floor: They find themselves huddled around a piano, picking out the parts that each singer can perform.

Unlike other bands, Celtic Thunder is based on the individuality of each member of the band while still joining their voices together in perfect harmony. They are passionate about their music and presenting it to the public.

If you listen to the “Hallelujah” performance, you will quickly agree that Celtic Thunder is doing something right. We look forward to hearing more tunes from this up-and-coming group, and can hardly wait to see what the future has in store for them.

Check out the video below:

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