This Amazing Police Officer Dresses Up As Superheroes To Cheer Up Sick Kids - We Need More Heroes Like Him

Damon Cole once applied a Superman logo to his bulletproof vest, which we know is worn under the uniform. This Fort Worth police officer would show it to the children he encountered during the day to build trust. He would show them the logo and tell them to keep it a secret. He was, after all, Superman.

Today, Cole has taken it to the next level. When he isn’t at work, Cole visits sick kids while dressed as various superheroes to raise their spirits. He travels all around the country and to Canada to spread his “powers.”

It started in 2012, back when Cole was an officer for the Dallas Police Station. This kind-hearted man began to dress up as Superman and attend local community service events. He also made hospital visits.

Cole even gave up his vacation in order to meet up with a 7-year-old boy with cancer, 11 hours away.

He once visited a school dressed up like Iron Man.

One of Cole’s cars is customized as the Batmobile. Another one is the Superman theme.

Cole has stated that his young daughter Savanah is an inspiration to him and one of the reasons he visits kids who are sick.

Cole told NBC Nightly News in an interview that so far, he has been in more than 20 states and has visited over 1,000 kids.

He calls all of the kids he sees “heroes.” He knows that some of these heroes win the fight, but unfortunately, not all of them do. When they don’t, Cole makes sure to visit them one last time.

There have been many more that didn’t make it. It’s not always the cape or costume that makes the hero. It is often a broken heart. But Cole will keep on doing what he does best, and that is what we love about him.

Damon Cole provides all of his services for free if you live in Canada or the United States. He is truly the hero we all need.

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