This "8 Seconds" Wedding Dance-Off Is So Iconic It Will Make You Wanna Boogie

Oct 05, 2018 by apost team

Quite some time ago--roughly 30 years--the bull riding community experienced an unparalleled tragedy with the death of Lane Frost at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.

The deathly bull Frost was riding was named "Takin' Care Of Business." Frost lasted about 8 seconds on the bull before hopping off, seemingly done with his ride. However, the bull had other plans.

The bull rammed into Frost's side in a gore littered affair. Frost suffered some broken ribs but ultimately died from internal bleeding. It was discovered that a good amount of arteries were damaged from the bull's impact.

Fortunately, his life is remembered in a film starring Luke Perry (Lane Frost) and Stephen Baldwin (Frost's friend/other bull rider Tuff Hedeman) titled "8 Seconds."

The movie is a great memory of Frost's life, following his early career as a bull rider to his untimely death. It displays his marriage to Kellie Kyle and truly illuminates the friendship Frost and Hedeman shared.

The two were such good friends that Hedeman named his own son after Frost. As a matter of fact, the real-life Tuff Hedeman was often seen on the set of "8 Seconds," offering input, advice, and consultation, and even acting as a backup for Stephen Baldwin.

Perhaps the most famous scene from the movie depicts Lane and Kellie's wedding. They dance to a song "When Will I Be Loved," which is such a catchy tune. It turns into a dance off between Frost and Hedeman and is truly iconic of their friendship.

In fact, the dance off the two bust into has been tried and recreated at many a wedding--it's that famous. People of all backgrounds look to this wedding scene to try and add some spice to their own wedding.

Decade after decade, new examples show up on the internet, but none are quite like the original. Luckily, you can check out the video here.

So next time you're at a wedding, you can remember this clip. Maybe you'll see people try to mimic the famous scene, giving their own shout out to Frost. Or maybe you can suggest it be given a shot. In any case, this clip is for your enjoyment!