This 4-Year-Old Girl Singing An All-Time Favourite Christmas Song Will Make Your Eyes Teary

Every so often someone comes along with incredible talent that you just cannot believe. It is even more amazing when that person is someone so young and inexperienced. This is the case when it comes to Claire Ryan, a 4-year-old who has definitely captured the hearts of so many people around her.

This little girl has taken a special interest in singling since the first time her father played his guitar while singing for her. She lights up the room when she opens her mouth, especially when she does so with her father.

She isn’t just good at singing, which is a major feat to begin with considering her young age. She also has a natural ear for music, and she enjoys performing in front of others. She isn’t afraid to sing in front of a crowd whatsoever. In fact, this Christmas she was ready to share her very own special message. It brought tears to those who heard it. We know it will for you, too.

When you hear her rendition of the classic Christmas song “Silent Night,” you won’t believe your ears. She has such a sweet and innocent voice that shines through in her singing. This beloved Christmas hymn becomes even more special when you hear her sweet, angelic voice bring it to life.

Claire really loves to share her love for music with the world around her. She is quickly becoming famous for her voice online with her original singing videos. Not only that, Claire has already been on national talk shows. She has even appeared on “The Ellen Show.” If that doesn’t say fame for a 4-year-old, I don’t know what does.

Claire’s family tries their very best to stay humble. They are so very proud of the success that Claire is enjoying, but they like to describe has as just a 4-year-old who enjoys singing and making music with her father.

We think this is so true. After all, it was her father who showed her his own love for music. We are glad she picked up his talent and love for singing! Check out the video below and hear for yourself just how beautifully Claire can sing. We know you will love it!

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