This 3-Year-Old Cut All Her Hair Off. The Explanation She Gives Dad Is Priceless

Dec 16, 2015 by apost team

Three-year-old Ansleigh gave herself a haircut! Her Dad filmed her response in this video where he asks her why she decided to cut her hair. Ansleigh has a simple answer "Because Jessica cuts hair". Her Dad tells her that Miss Jessica went to school to learn how to cut her. Ansleigh's prompt response is that she wants to learn too! And now, it finally starts making sense. Deep down, Ansleigh probably dreams of becoming a hairdresser! And she obviously wants to be a good one that! Which is why she was practising on her own hair. Her dad somehow manages to convince her that she shouldn't experiment with her hair until she's older. Ansleigh agrees, but she also tells her dad of her future plans. She is going to work with Miss Jessica when she is older! This is one passionate lady who can't wait to get her hands on scissors!