Things You Should Know About The Aquarius Around You

Nov 19, 2018

With birthdates falling between the days of January 20 and February 18, Aquarians are largely lauded for their unique perspective on life and their love of reading and writing. The intellectual Aquarius thrives on making their opinions known and can often become frustrated with people that cannot keep up with their quick wit and intelligence.

The sign of the Aquarius is well-regarded for its progressive thinking and its ability to be accepting and not judgmental of people who have a different opinion than them. Aquarians are dreamers. They do not hesitate to leave their physical states in an effort to escape the pressures and mundaneness of reality. The eccentric Aquarius is not one to let others dictate how they will live their life.

High ideals, strong moral guidelines, and universal truths are guiding principals of the Aquarius sign. Aquarians need joy in their lives to be content and they will not stop until they achieve this blissfulness.

Because of their uniqueness, finding an ideal astrological match for an Aquarius can often be challenging. Aquarians need somebody that will appreciate their intellectual capacity and celebrate their deep capacity to love and dream. We created a compatibility chart designed to explore how each individual sign will react when paired with an Aquarius:

AQUARIUS AND ARIES: Because of their shared interests in deep conversation and intellectual ramblings, these two signs will be able to build a solid base of friendship and compatibility.

AQUARIUS AND TAURUS: Not generally a good pairing, the erratic tendencies of the Aquarius can often feel too out there for the more grounded Taurus. Meanwhile, the Aquarius might view the Taurus as dull because they do not share their penchant for imagination.

AQUARIUS AND GEMINI: Better suited as friends, the passion between these two can often lead to trouble in paradise. Geminis share the need to continually explore new ideas and paths less traveled, making them a good friendship match for the similar Aquarius.

AQUARIUS AND CANCER: Although the general personality traits would indicate that these two signs should be a match made in heaven, the reality is that their inability to move in the same direction might spell doom for the budding relationship. A Cancer can appear too demanding and moody for an Aquarius while the Aquarius might seem too detached to appeal to the Cancer.

AQUARIUS AND LEO: These two signs will sizzle in the bedroom as their penchant for excitement will bring them together. However, out in the real world, they will have to be diligent in making it work to succeed in a relationship.

AQUARIUS AND LIBRA: When given the proper amount of time, these two signs can find their way to each other to flourish and grow as one unit.

AQUARIUS AND VIRGO: The natural mental connection between these two signs shows great potential as a future relationship.

AQUARIUS AND SCORPIO: The loyal Scorpio will be drawn to the openness of the Aquarius.

AQUARIUS AND SAGITTARIUS: The curiosity of the Sagittarius is an ideal match for the inquisitive nature of the Aquarius, making them perfect to explore the world together.

AQUARIUS AND CAPRICORN: Because they do not lead similar lifestyles, this can be a hard relationship to get off of the ground.

AQUARIUS AND AQUARIUS: The consistent passion between the two like signs will keep these two engaged and satisfied.

AQUARIUS AND PISCES: Because the Pisces is the polar opposite of the Aquarius, it is rare that this match works out.

Aquarians are attracted to people who exhibit tendencies to be dreamy and free from worry. An Aquarius wants to feel loved and appreciated, making small acts of kindness goes a long way in winning over their affections. You will know the feelings of the Aquarius are reciprocated if they want to be around you a lot.

An Aquarius will desire a warm and open relationship where they feel free to express themselves. An ideal partner for an Aquarius is one that is adventurous in the bedroom but also mentally stimulating.

Because Aquarians do not attach easily, their heartbreaks are generally milder in nature. You will know an Aquarius is upset when they simply shut down.

The strong imagination and passion for justice lead Aquarians to careers in humanitarian work and other unconventional jobs. Aquarians are most happy when they are listening to music, reading, and dreaming of the future. They crave the familiarity of repeat vacations and annual trips with loved ones.

Do not keep this wealth of information to yourself. All of your Aquarius friends and family would love to know all of these interesting facts and expert opinions so that they can live their life to the fullest!