They Hear Noise On Their Neighbours Trampoline - Dog Pops Up Having Them Run for Their Camera

If a massive dog suddenly jumped over your wooden fence, what would you do? In this hilarious video, a group of neighbors discovered a Great Dane leaping over a giant fence. When they discovered the reason why, they could not stop laughing.

Because Pups Just Want to Have Fun

Normally, dogs like to play fetch and go for walks. This funny pup had a different way to have fun.

The neighbors thought that the Great Dane was amazing for jumping the fence, but it turns out that the dog was not jumping over anything.

The silly pup was just having some fun on the family's trampoline. The Great Dane figured out that he could use his weight to jump higher and higher on the trampoline.

Unfortunately, one bounce was a bit too much for the large fellow. He ended up flying above the fence.

From the other side of the fence, the neighbors could not stop laughing. The dog's head kept reappearing over the fence with each jump.

It seemed like the cute puppy had figured out a new way to spy on the neighbors.

Is This Normal?

Interestingly, this kind of behavior is fairly normal for a Great Dane. This type of dog is known for being extremely energetic.

They are especially energetic as teenagers. Great Danes work themselves into a mental state that veterinarian's call the “zoomies.” In this state, they have a sheer glee and act with wild abandon.

They just want to run around, leap, jump and play around with everything.

Watching the zoomies in action will brighten your day. This dog's sheer joy is amazing to see. Once he figured out how the trampoline worked, he had a ball.

Luckily, the neighbors enjoyed watching the amusing dog's antics so much that they videotaped it. Now, everyone can see this pup in action.

If you absolutely fell in love with this goofy pup, make sure that your friends get to see the Great Dane in action.