These Yoga Poses Can Help You To Fall Asleep

Jul 22, 2019 by apost team

Getting to sleep is a challenge for lots of people. If you're left tossing and turning all night, try one of these six poses that will help you drift off easily. Based on yoga poses, these sleeping positions relax your body and muscles, calm your nervous system, let go of your thoughts and get some much-needed rest.

1. The Half Handstand

This pose not only helps you relax, but it is also recommended for people who suffer from headaches. Lie on the bed, put a pillow under your hips and raise your legs to rest your heels against the wall. Your legs should be straight but relaxed. Breathe calmly for two minutes, then bend your knees and shift them to each side of your body. Hold the pose for 30 seconds on each side.

2. Stomach Stretch

Lie with a pillow under your belly, and link your hands behind your back. With a deep, controlled breath, bend your knees and toes back and extend your hands toward your feet. Don't strain or actually worry about touching them. This pose isn't designed to make you a contortionist; you just want to enjoy the deep stretch you'll get in your arms and through your spine. Relax your muscles and return to a resting position with a slow exhale. Repeat five to six times.

3. The Split

Sit behind a pillow with your legs spread. Straighten your back and inhale deeply through your nose. As you exhale slowly through your mouth, gently lean forward and lower your body onto the pillow. Hold this position for several breaths, then sit up and repeat up to 10 times.

4. The Lying Lotus

Lie on your back with a pillow beneath you for support. Connect your feet so they're flat against one another and your knees are off to the side. You can place extra pillows under your knees if this is uncomfortable. Allow your arms to rest at your sides, palms up, and concentrate on relaxing your body from the toes up. Hold the position for three minutes.

5. Side Saddle

Lie on your back and draw your knees together. Gently move your hips to one side, keeping your spine straight. Hold your legs in place with your hands and breathe evenly for two minutes. Perform this stretch on each side for two minutes.

6. Flat Lay

On your back, spread your legs and lay your arms flat at your sides, palms up. Make sure your spine and head are aligned. Take three slow, deep breaths through your nose. Feel the air filling your lungs, and hold it for several seconds. Exhale through your mouth. Repeat this breathing practice three times, then finish up with four regular breaths.

If you repeat all of these poses, you'll relax your body, clear your mind and feel ready for sleep in just a few minutes! Tell us your best tips and tricks for falling asleep in the comments. We would love to know what helps you the best.

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