These Pups Enjoy Watching TV More Than Humans Do!

Dogs like to do everything with their humans. They like to cuddle with them, eat with them, and even relax on the couch watching television with them.

These dogs that like to hang out on their own with their favorite episodes actually listen in and respond during the most exciting scenes!

While dogs love to share some downtime with their humans, they also like to enjoy downtime of their own. Many dogs have their own favorite shows that they like to sit down and watch, owner present or not.

It turns out, binge-watching isn't just a favorite pastime of humans--dogs do it too!

There's nothing cuter than a dog watching their favorite television program.

Sometimes they sit quietly with their eyes glued to the screens. At other times, these dogs get so into the action that they become the entertainment themselves!

Now there's a video compilation circling the Internet full of dogs that cant get enough of their favorite shows!

In the video, these dogs run to the television when their favorite shows come on. Oddly enough, most of these beloved dog-friendly shows feature dogs or other animals themselves. Whether it's Ben and Jerry or Animal Planet, these pets sure get a kick out of staring at the screen.

These doggies even get so excited that they bark along with the dialogue of the characters! Whenever any action happens, they run around in circles, even jumping at the screen to get a closer look.

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