These LA Firefighters Get The Whole Town Dancing With Their Moves

May 30, 2018 by apost team

These LA Firefighters were dared to dance and more than proved themselves in the hilarious video "LAFD Firefighters DARE TO DANCE"!

The video shows the firefighters dancing in a variety of situations, buildings, and different moves. Some are even dressed in full uniform and show themselves really getting their groove on in the off moments at their job!

And with the soundtrack being Meghan Trainor's classic song "I Feel Better When I'm Dancin," this video is a perfect representation of how it feels to get up and get your groove on!

What a wonderful way to let off some steam on a bright, sunny day!

Our favorite scene is when the firefighters are outside, busting a move on top of a fire truck in a line. It's so nice to know that the people spending almost all of their time taking life very seriously and saving lives are also able to relax and take a break to bust a move!

The best part of the video? It was done to benefit the child Finley Smallwood, who suffers from cerebral palsy and just wants to dance in spite of it. Not only do the firefighters get her going and they all have a good time, but they were also raising money for Finley, who says she always feels better when dancing.

The results of the video and the continued support for Finley have also been good, and she has had her first surgery that will undoubtedly help her walk without any assistance very soon.

What a kind way to raise money for such a good cause, and to have the girl it's benefitting involved!

At the end of the video the LAFD even dare the NYFD to give it a go—do you think they'll take them up on the challenge? Let us know what you think in the comment section. Forward this to your friends and share the happiness!