These Heartfelt Letters From Prince Philip To Princess Diana Show That He Was On Her Side In The Divorce

The Royal Family Affair gets tongues wagging at the slightest rumor. For instance, the news of the divorce between Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1996 was the talk of the year.

In the royal family, marital issues are held high in regard, and a royal divorce was unheard of until Charles and Diana came out to the public with the news of their divorce. It wasn’t all that shocking since there were constant rumors over the years of Prince Charles having an affair with his now current wife, Camilla Parker Bowles while still married to Diana.

Diana was open about the troubles in her marriage to Charles and even confronted Camilla about their affair in 1989. Diana and Charles separated in 1992 just a decade into their marriage. The issue could no longer stay hidden from the public as Charles once confessed to the infidelity claims in 1994.

Diana and Charles's marriage became so troubled that it affected the entire royal family. While everyone seemed to turn their backs on the princess, Prince Phillip reportedly took Diana’s side. Surprisingly, Phillip and Diana didn’t have that much of a close relationship when she was still married to Charles, and taking her side seemed a little weird.

Like they say, where there is smoke there is fire. In 2003, former royal butler by the name Paul Burrel revealed letters conveyed to have been exchanged between Diana and Prince Phillip. From the language, it portrayed Prince Phillip supporting Diana during the problematic divorce phase. These allegations seem to be true since Prince Phillip attempted to block the publication of the leaked letters.

Daily Mail published some of the highlights that suggest that Prince Phillip had a soft spot for Princess Diana during the divorce stage. Phillip signed the letters with notable mentions such as “fondest love, Pa.” He also stated that he couldn’t fathom how anyone in their right mind would leave Diana and replace her with Camilla. Prince Phillip added that the royal family never saw Charles making such dubious moves despite being royalty.

Besides all that support for Diana, Prince Phillip also geared some blame towards her, pointing out that she was partly responsible for the ongoing marriage trouble. Princess Diana also grew fond of her father-in-law, and it showed from her letters to Prince Phillip asking for guidance. Despite the scuffles the renewed leaks tell us so much about the relationship between Princess Diana and Prince Phillip. She might have heard a rough patch during those last few years, but at least she had someone to support her.

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