These Children Are Joined By Their Grandpa For A Memorable Street Dance

May 30, 2018 by apost team

For one grandpa, a walk doesn't just mean walking. No, this grandpa also believes in dancing and doesn't hesitate at any opportunity to hit the street with his grandchildren to bust a move and show off his dance moves.

That's just what he did in this exciting video, joining his grandchildren in an impromptu dance party that caught the attention of many nearby bystanders. Thankfully somebody videotaped it and it made its way to the Your Care Everywhere website, which is meant to show that dancing has incredible benefits for those wary of growing old.

Along with the physical benefits that dancing can provide through exercise, dancing also helps keep your brain sharp and brings many mental benefits. Being sedentary can ultimately be harmful to your body, which is why getting enough exercise is incredibly beneficial for your health.

Even while keeping all of this in mind, these weren't the only reasons as to why this grandpa took to the street to dance with his grandchildren. He truly cares about his family and wants to support them, a trait which is incredibly valued and appreciated by many families.

What's especially noteworthy is that the dancing is not only well-done but active and coordinated. Do you think they practiced in private before taking their moves out in public? It's amazing at how fluidly the grandpa moves for his age. I wish I am that active when I am his age!

What a heartwarming story to see! It's always great to see families take walks together and spend time together on sunny days, even better when it's a grandpa spending quality time with his grandkids. These memories will likely stay with the kids forever as some very fond moments in their childhood—how wonderful!

Watch the video for yourself here!

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