These Candy Corn Shots Are Perfect For Your Next Halloween Party

Candy corn is often regarded as a treat that people either love or don't enjoy at all. When you make these candy corn shots for your Halloween party, your guests will forget about the sweet little pieces of candy and dive in for another glass!

The shots are layered so that they look like a piece of candy corn with yellow on the top, orange in the middle, and white on the bottom. Even though this shot looks like candy corn, it doesn't have the same taste, which is probably a good thing for some of your guests!

There are quite a few ingredients that go into making these shots, some that you can change around depending on the flavors that you like.

First, boil a cup of water. This acts as the base for the other ingredients that you're going to use. Combine unflavored gelatin and coconut milk to the water. Next, add white sugar and vanilla vodka. Try to keep stirring these ingredients gently while you're adding others to the mixture. This pot will be your bottom layer since it's white.

Prepare another cup of boiling water but with orange Jello-O and vanilla vodka. The last pot of boiling water should have pineapple Jell-O and yellow food coloring along with coconut milk. When each pot is of a gelatinous consistency, you can put it in the shot glasses that you're going to use.

Watch the video to get a better idea about how to make each layer and to get a few ideas for different flavors that you can try.

Do you think you're going to give these a try at your next Halloween party? Let us know in the comments below and show this festive treat off to your friends and family!