These Bins Are Being Put In Schools, And We're Expecting More To Come

There are things that are not readily admitted by most children or by people in America, but it happens right in your country. There are children that go to school but do not eat dinner when they go home.

Do you doubt this information? Just check out the data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to see the statistics. It is true that 1 in 6 children deal with hunger. Just 13 million of these children are from secure homes.

While this statistic is heartbreaking, it is like a wake-up call for those that want to do something about it. A recent example of what can be done is a Texas law from last year that is called Texas Student Fairness in Feeding Act.

This act has bins placed known as 'share carts' that allows students to place their unwanted snacks for other children to anonymously pick up.

This law lets schools have their own nonprofits. This allows schools the freedom to give excess packaged and non-perishable food items to charities within the community or other PTA programs. This is a big plus for Texas schools in poor neighborhoods.

In a report for ABC news station in Texas, it's revealed that food insecurity is a big problem for children in the state.

All districts face this challenge. The children are really the ones benefiting from the new bill passed.

According to Charisse Cline from Cody Elementary School, hunger is dangerous for both physical and mental development. According to her, and logically speaking, children cannot concentrate when they are hungry or concerned about feeding themselves.

After the law was passed for the food carts, Cline shares that she has seen major improvements. According to her, the children are happier and more present in their classes.

The share carts and tables are also being placed in schools throughout the nation. Even in districts that are not faced with hunger, this practice is implemented. This is a good idea for schools and teachers that aim to reduce food waste and just support children in eating healthier.

The most important part is that this initiative helps children to be fed and healthy no matter where they are from.

If you want to learn more on the legality of the share tables, you can see how a Michigan school makes things happen.

Do you have a similar initiative in your area? What do you think of this, as a parent?